Thursday, July 31, 2008

Health Care Global, Oncology Hospital, Bangalore

HCG Enterprises Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore is the leading private sector oncology institution in India.

HCG is a physician-led initiative that owns and manages a network of cancer centers, and is in the process of establishing a nationwide network of cancer centers and its business model integrates diagnostics, imaging and clinical research with the delivery of clinical care.

HCG’s vision is to be the leader in oncology care in India, making high quality cancer treatment accessible across the nation. HCG’s business is organized in three areas:

1. Cancer Treatment Centres
2. Imaging and Diagnostics Services
3. Clinical Trials/CRO and Research Services

HCG is establishing comprehensive cancer centres that aim to bring all the concerned specialists under one roof and provide an efficient infrastructure so that highest quality of care can be meted out to patients coming to the proposed cancer center. Clinical research is also central to the establishment of standards and will be an integral aspect of HCG’s business model.

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.

# 8, HCG Towers, P. Kalinga Rao Road,
Sampangiram Nagar,
Bangalore : 560 027, India

Tel: 91 080 40206000-01


Anonymous said...

I am trying on Panda Care, Cutack tele nos (0671-2586377 / 25869810 since last 30 mins but all are coming engage as all the tele lines are kept in engage mode. Even fax line is also kept in engage mode.
Please llok into

Blogger said...

Hello All

I am afraid I cannot puclish comments about your experiences if they are submitted as annonymous users. Puts the blog and me in tricky situatios. If you want to put forth your views - good or bad - about any thing , please use your name and location.


B.P.Nagaraj said...

I want to know is HCG approved by Karnataka Government