Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Easy Cabs to Bangalore Airport

Easycabs - Bangalore
12/10, 1st Floor
Above Vijaya Bank, MSR Main Road
Gokula, Bangalore

How to book a cab?

• All Bookings will be controlled from one central reservation center, which has an easily accessible All India Common Number 43434343.
• The call would be directed to the city call center
• Details of booking would be entered in the system.
• If the passenger is a second time user then the personal details would be in the system which would enable quick response.
• The Cab will be provided within Maximum of 15 Mins Time after Booking is made over Phone.
• The car allocation would be done by the IVRS directly.

• EasyCabs can be hailed directly from Prominent Parking Locations all over NCR.
• EasyCabs can be hailed directly on Road if it is Vacant.
• Payment can be made only by Cash
• Plans to introduce Pre-Paid Cards which can be used for Payment after completion of Journey.


Rajagopalan V.S. said...

Is advance reservation possible? Say 24 hours in advance for going to BIAL?

Blogger said...

Hi Mr RajaGopalan,

It would be more easier if you were to call up Easy cabs and find out..
They can give you accurate information.


Neetu said...

Neetu Butt

Had a bad experience today while going to Bangalore International Airport.I had booked a cab for going to the airport in the morning at 0945 hrs.The cab was on time,i left immediateky for the airport from JP Nagar.The cab driver reached me at 1210 hrs inspite of knowing that my flight was at 1230 hrs.The actual distance to the airport from my point of pick up is 48 kms max,but the cab driver took me via white fields i had come from outstation i was not aware of the routes and thus freedom to choose the route was totally drivers.he mis used this liberty and took a much longer distance covering 65 kms ,gave me a bill of Rs 978 and did not return a change of rs 22 and to top it all reached me late for the flight Kingfisher flight from bang to Madurai dep at 1230.I missed my flihht,my appointments at Madurai kamraj University got affected,i had to pay rs 1500 for the rebooking cahrges to KF for tomorrow's ticket.I travelled back to JP Nagar ,this time too with easycab and the bill came to rs 719 only for the distance of 48km ,it took me one and a half hour only to reach back.It was really bad of the driver with cell no 8722542021,cab no 2929 to do this to me just because i came from another part of country and was not aware of the routes,thus made a few extra bucks at the cost of my inconvenience and loss.Total 1719 + 1500 rs were spent extra besides so much inconvenience ,the hotel booking at Madurai was also cancelled,money wasted there as well.I hopw some sane senior would address this issue and refund the total amount spent by me today.I am very willing to take this matter to consumer court too if need be.I have all the bills and sms with me.

You may contact me at

Anonymous said...

Hi Neetu,
I also dont know much about Bangalore so I generally use the google Maps for the Directions and accordingly tell the Driver that it should not be more then this much Kilometeres.Moreover in Bangalore I always use Meru or Spot City Taxi .Rest all are waste of time and Money

priyanka said...

Hi,I am a new resident of banglore ( white field) On 18th of this month i travelled by one of your cab (omni).By mistake and forgetfully i left my expensive helmet in your dicky.I am unable to my helmet as i have already looked around.Kindly help me by searching in any possible way.It would be very gratefull of you.More more details please contact 09916308882.THanks

Blogger said...


You need to contact Easy Cabs and tell them about this. This is just a blog with info about cabs etc...

Please contact easy cabs


Rajiv Gidla said...

Easycabs--? They dont deserve that name. They confirmed my reservation by sending an SMS. They canceled it without informing. I only got to know when I called them at the time of booking! I missed my flight and its a horrible service. My friends, kindly do not take this cab service!