Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bishop Cotton Boys School

Founded on April 19, 1865, by the St. Mark's church Chaplain, the school took the name of Bishop Cotton of Calcutta. After five years , in 1870, the school acquired its present site of 13 acres. This school was a co-education oriented and a separate school 'Bishop Cotton Girls School' was started exclusively for girls later, thus making way for Bishop Cotton Boys School exclusively for boys.


Three well stocked libraries for the K.G. , Junior and Senior School provide young minds to broaden their horizons. A senior reference library has not only the latest books on the various subjects but also a good selection on magazines

Computer Lab
The Kinder Garten, Junior and Senior Computer Labs are well equipped. The Kinder Garten multi-media provides fast and easy access to a vast amount of information in a variety of formats- namely text, audio, still motion pictures and animation. Students are expected to use it properly to get all the benefits it can provide.

Those wishing to avail of the swimming classes must enroll themselves with the Coach. Coaching classes for all age groups are conducted during the Holidays.

The school has appointed coaches for various games. Training camps are held from time to time. Those desirous of playing for the School and the House must register with the Physical Training Masters. The school has three playing grounds and has not compromised any land for any construction activity. There are two Basketball courts & two Tennis Courts.

Every student from Std. IV to VIII is a member of a club. The Scripture Union Club meets every Thursday afternoon in the School Chapel.

School Uniform Stores
Uniforms and all other accessories that a student requires are available in the Scholl Uniform Stores. It is advisable to buy uniform here so that it conforms to the prescribed shade and pattern.

B.C.B. S. Stores
This store supplies all text books , note books and stationery items
The school arranges through this store all the necessary text books, note books & stationery items just before the academic year starts.

Excursions & Picnics
The school organizes an excursion during the summer vacation. Classes organize picnics.

Parking Facility
For the safety of two wheelers of students, free parking facility is made available in the School Campus.

To provide wholesome and nutritious food the School runs a canteen. Two separate canteens are run for the junior School and Senior School. All transactions are only through coupons. Parents are required to buy the coupons in advance and send only the required number of coupons for the day.

Bishop Cotton Boys School
St. Mark's Road
Bangalore 560001

Phone: +91 80 22213608, +91 80 22213835

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